Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials - May 1, 2017

Happy May Day, everyone!  Just a quick note to let you all know that the Weekly Specials section of the shop has been updated with fresh new gifts and home decor!  We've moved it into our "Sale Corner," so that you can easily find all our steal and deals in one place.

Each week, we like to offer 10% off of a dozen or so items in appreciation of you, our customers!  With Mother's Day, graduations, bridal showers and weddings, and so much more coming up, all those gifts can add up.  We like to help where we can!

Plus, springtime has a lot of us cleaning, purging, and updating our rooms, and is a great time to freshen up our home decor with a few small but impactful touches, such as a new lighter weight floral quilt for the mild weather ahead, a new caddy or set of baskets to corral clutter, or a decorative accent for your living room or patio area!

Here are a few gift ideas or decorative accessories on sale for 10% off, this week only!

Antique Bloom Floral Quilt, available in King, Queen/Full, or Twin size!  Give a vintage chic vibe to your bedroom, but is also great over a couch or even as a table topper!  Features florals and paisley in a variety of old fashioned country colors - rose, mossy green, gold, sky blue, and creme.  Quilt comes with the matching sham(s)!


Bird and Crown Coaster Set - Featuring a vintage bird and crown graphic inside, these coasters are made from mason jar lids with a distressed rustic finish made to resemble an old barn roof!  Image is printed on waterproof ink on absorbent cork, keeping the picture intact and your surfaces dry!  Sold in sets of 4, these will freshen up your living room space, or make a great bridal shower, birthday, or mother's day gift!

Charming Light Candle Lamps - These have been a long time favorite of ours, as they are called "charming" lights for a reason!  When placed in front of each window of a room, they add homey warmth inside, and inviting glow from the outside!  Available in several colors and heights, these particular lamps include the silicone dipped bulb - the look of a candle without the flame!  Many folks like to put one in each window of their home, which can add up quickly - now is a great time to buy, while they are on sale!


Quart Mason Jar Dispenser with Barn Roof Lid - We've always loved the charm and practicality of a mason jar soap dispenser in our kitchen.  This extra large one is especially perfect for decanting large bottles of soap or lotion, such as dish soap in the kitchen, or lotion in the bathroom that seems to always run out so quickly!  Vintage reproduction mason jar adds farmhouse charm, while the lid is given a distressed finish to resemble an old barn roof!  Makes a great wedding or housewarming gift.

These are just a few of this week's offerings - check out our Weekly 10% Off section in our Sale Corner today for the rest of the gifts and decor on special!  Hurry, as they're on sale this week only!

Weekly Specials

Hello, and happy new year!  Today is Monday, so we've updated our specials for the week.  Below is a sampling of what's on sale this week, head on over to the website to view them all!  As always, these items are on special for 10% off.


Punched Pinwheel Junior Round Wax Warmer - Barn Roof

Beckitt BunnyL

Beckitt Bunny, by ESC and Company


Concord Placemat, by Park Designs


Fall Leaves Dinner Plates, by Mary Lake Thompson


Molasses Dinnerware Salad Plate, by Park Designs

View the rest on at The Weed Patch here.  Have a great week! :)

Facebook Friends of the Week is BACK! (And Welcome 2013!)

The Weed Patch on Facebook! Happy New Year!  :) We hope that 2012 wrapped up for you very well, and that you're as excited about 2013 as we are!  We have tons of new awesomeness coming along this year -and among the things that we'll be doing this year is our weekly Facebook Friends of the Week!

As a refresher to how all this works, please check out The Original Facebook Friends of the Week Blog Post.

If you're NOT already a friend of us on Facebook, check us out: The Weed Patch on Facebook.

The first randomness of the year will start on Monday January 7, 2013! Keep your eyes peeled!

Weekly Specials - June 4th

Hello all!  I'm behind again in sending this out, but I have a good excuse this time.  I fell down the stairs in our house last week, and have been laid up recovering.  I do not recommend walking on hardwood stairs in stocking feet, EVER, no matter how carefully you do it!

Anyway, we have another set of specials this week, 10 items on sale for 10% off, through next Sunday!

Here are a few (click the product title to visit the website - Check out the full list online here)


Bird and Crown Dinnerware Square Platter by Lone Elm Studios
Bird and Crown Dinnerware, by Lone Elm Studios


Oh Happy Day Dinner Plate by Certified International
Oh Happy Day Dinner Plate, by Certified International


12 inch Mustard Primitive Wall Star
12 inch Mustard Primitive Wall Star, by The Hearthside Collection

Sarasota Placemat by Park Designs
Sarasota Placemat, by Park Designs


Sweet Summer Tablecloth by TAG
Sweet Summer Tablecloth, by Tag


Check out the full list online here!  Enjoy! :)

Weekly Specials - May 28th

Hello all!  

Hope you are recovering nicely from your holiday weekend.  We ended up having some truly lovely weather, and enjoyed lots of visitors at the store.  There seemed to be more focus on the actual memorial part of Memorial day this year - either that, or I've just been paying more attention this year.  Yesterday, I really thought a lot about people who have served our country, what their lives and the lives of their families must have been like, what things they went through, etc.  We've experienced some challenging times in our personal life recently, and I find myself thinking more about how we're all in it together in this world, and how much I appreciate what our veterans have gone through to serve our country, as well as those currently in service.  I appreciate our teachers, who go through so much for so little tangible benefit, with what seems like so little support from all those people who decide where our tax money goes, in order to give our children the knowledge, experience, and confidence they need to make it successfully in this world.  I think we all deal with so much in our own lives, and it is hard to remember that other people are also going through their own set of challenges.  It's so easy to focus on ourselves, to dwell deeply in our troubles, maybe even to take things out on those around us.  I don't know that any of this has anything directly to do with memorial day, but I guess the holiday is a time for rememberance - of thinking beyond ourselves for a day, and to consider (and maybe even appreciate) others.  I'd never really thought too much about Memorial Day before, I guess this is the year it has clicked with me.  I hope it was good for all of you too!

Anyway, I meant to just let you know that I updated the Weekly Specials!  All this week, another set of products are on sale for 10% off.  Here are a few:


Americana Star Kitchen Gift Set


Family Table Dinnerware - Cookie Jar 



Bird Perpetual Calendar Set, by Lone Elm Studios


Black Sheep, by Blossom Bucket


Olde Forge Placemat, by Park Designs

The rest are all online here.  Enjoy! :)



Weekly Specials - May 20th

Hello!  We have some new specials this week - 10% off on these items, all this week!  Here are a few:


Ashfield Placemat, by Victorian Heart


Lady Bug or Bumble Bee, by Lori MItchell for ESC Trading Company


Beach accent word, by Carol Eldridge for Blossom Bucket



Picket Fence Tablerunners, by Park Designs



Happy Plate, by Donna White for The Hearthside Collection.

There are more in the Weekly Specials - click here to see them all!

Enjoy! :)

Weekly Specials - May 14th

Hi all,

Here are the Weekly Specials for this week of May 14th, 2012!  From now until next Monday, these items will be 10% off.  No coupon needed, it is automatically calulated.  Enjoy!

A few of the items are:


Berkshire Chair Pad


Glora, from Lori Mitchell for ESC Trading Company



Heritage Plaid Tablecloth, by DII


Star Dinnerware Place Setting, by Park Designs


Dancing in the Rain Frog and Ladybug, by Blossom Bucket

See all the specials this week HERE!

First Annual Tent Sale at The Weed Patch!


Our first annual tent sale! For now it's ONLINE ONLY - not yet available in store (except for in-store pickup if purchased online... did all our local customers know we offer an in-store pickup?) Watch for more information about our "in store" tent sale coming up mid-July, but for now - check out our online version!

Fall and Christmas is coming, and we're simply running out of room to store everything, so we're having a sale! Its a win-win situation - our wonderful customers get a great deal on some great things, and we have space to move in all the new product coming in for the rest of the year! Save up to 40% on select seasonal and everyday goodies, for a limited time only! The Tent Sale is available on the web from Friday, June 25 through Friday, July 9th. Sale items are first come/first served, valid online only, and quantities are limited. Shipping remains based on actual shipping cost. Sorry, no returns accepted on sale items. Let us know if you have any other questions, and otherwise enjoy shopping!

KEEP CHECKING BACK - We're adding new products ALL the time, so don't forget to come back and see what else has been added!

Weekly Specials

Time for weekly specials again!  Boy, the week goes by so fast.  Seems like I just did this!  We've got some great things on sale this week, many from Park Designs.  A few of them are below, you'll have to go to our site to check out the complete list!  All our weekly special items are 10% off between now and next Thursdayish when I change them again!


Black Star Dinnerware Salad Plate, by Park Designs


Black Star Apron, by Park Designs


Village Dinnerware Soup / Cereal Bowl in Persimmon, by Park Designs


Goat with Milk Carrier, by Blossom Bucket


Rise n Shine Placemats, by India Home Fashions