Spring & Easter

New K & K Arrow Replacements for Spring!

At long last, we have released new offerings of K & K Arrow Replacements for spring!

Tan Swan Arrow Replacement

If you are unfamiliar with this unique home decor trend, K & K Arrow Replacements are wood or resin shapes in 100s of designs, something for every possible season, holiday, or personal interest theme!  You start with the simple wooden arrow, either in black or white, then start building your collection of arrow replacements, swapping them out with each changing season or occasion.

Shamrock Arrow Replacement

As for the replacement options themselves, there are literally dozens upon dozens to choose from, and more are introduced each year!  We have patriotic flags for 4th of July, bunnies and lambs for Easter, snowmen and Santa for Christmas, hearts for Valentine's Day, pumpkins and bats for Halloween, the list goes on and on.

Rabbit on Sheep Arrow Replacement

Besides holiday offerings, K & K Arrow replacements are also available for a multitude of decorating themes and style - there's something for the modern country farmhouse, rustic lodge or cabin, beach cottage, garden-inspired, rooster for the chicken lover, anchor for the nautical lover, and more!

Wood & Metal Flower Arrow Replacement

The only bad thing I have to say about the K & K Arrows is that they are so popular, they sell out fast - I mean really, really FAST.  Our customers purchase all seasons all throughout the year, as they know that you have to get it when it's available, as it may not be here still tomorrow, or next week, or even next month.  So, if you see something you like, get it before it's gone!

Silver Rabbit Arrow Replacement

We have recently restock and have plenty to choose from right now, lots of offerings for spring, Easter, and patriotic themes.  Hang one in your entryway or living room to add a totally different texture and dimension to the room.  Although these are not made to hand outdoors, customers have had success hanging these outside their front door, under cover and out of moisture and direct sunlight, bringing them inside during inclement weather.

Americana Crow Arrow Replacement

We add to the K & K Arrow Replacement category in the shop all the time, as soon as new offerings become available!  All replacements can be viewed here - pin or bookmark to save for later, or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on what's new!

Star with Galvanized Pot Arrow Replacement

Around These Parts


Is Sprummer a word?  Or Summing?  You know, that time where it's not quite spring anymore, but not exactly summer yet.  If you live in Western Washington, that sort of describes the springs we've been having for the last couple of years.  A master gardener friend of ours says that we're running about 2 months ahead of schedule this year.  Hopefully that means lots of produce, sooner rather than later!


For a while there, I was holding my breath a bit, afraid that a frost would come and kill all these early blossoms, like the strawberries.  You never know what's going to happen around here in the spring.  We won't have a single snowflake all winter, then have our version of a snow storm in March after the apple trees have decided to blossom (that was a sad year for apples).  So far this year, things have been warm, mild, and wonderful.  Around these parts, we've been enjoying a mixture of spring and summer activities.

Doing some art outside, painting signs....


Taking lots of walks, and finding sweet discoveries like this....


...and this...


...and this!  This is a duck egg.  Did you know duck eggs came in Robin's Egg Blue?  I didn't.  (A friend pointed out that maybe robin's eggs come in Duck's Egg Blue.  That blew my mind.)


Flea Markets have begun!



Ice cream!  It's not too early for ice cream. (I think it is always a good time for ice cream).


Warm sunny weather is great for staining!  Staining some new signs....


How are you enjoying your Sprummer/Summing??

New Michelle Kildow Plates

Hello all!  I have been super busy this last week with spring break - it is hard to keep up with a long to-do list as a work-at-home-mom when you have a kiddo home all week with you!  We worked hard this week to balance our task list with also providing one-on-one attention and fun with the kiddo.  Since the weather was so nice, we took lots and lots of walks.  We really have an incredible variety of walking paths and hidden parks where we live - each walk we take follows a new and different path, so it is always different.

But I digress.  I meant to just pop in for a moment to show you some of the new Hearthside Collection plates I checked in this week and just got up on the website.  These are all by Michelle Kildow, who is noted for her fun and whimsical style of folk artwork.


Together is a wonderful place to be plate, by Michelle Kildow for The Hearthside Collection


Super Crazy Home Plate, by Michelle Kildow for The Hearthside Collection


Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy Plate, part of the Coffee & Daisy Plate assortment


A Crowded Nest is Best Plate, by Michelle Kildow for The Hearthside Collection


Out of bed you sleepy head!  Another plate in the Coffee & Daisy assortment.

I have several stacks next to me of more plates to go online, I'll write again when I get those up!  Enjoy your Easter weekend! :)

P.S.  Find our entire offering by The Hearthside Collection right here!

Exploring We Will Go


(On to our next adventsure - today's walk!  Wearing our brothers' old pants, backwards, and a pink fuzzy hat.  What else would we wear?!)

I think the adventures of our own neighborhood often go under-appreciated. How often have we heard things like the people who live in Seattle never go to the Space Needle, or folks that live in Anaheim rarely go to Disneyland?  I think we think that explorations involve going away somewhere, which of course is true.  But there is plenty of discover to be had near our own homes, if we just look for it.


(So many trees....we love trees....)


(Moss is so very very pretty)

Today's walk took us to a nature trail within walking distance of our home.  Chris made the comment that he'd lived here his whole life and had never known this was there (we live 5 minutes from where he grew up).


(What kind of critters can we find under these rocks??)


(What's a fish ladder?  This is a fish ladder!)

I personally was extremely happy to find such a place so near our home in the suburbs.  This is the kind of place I grew up.  My sisters and I spent just about every sunny day (and many rainy ones too) outside with our feet in the creek, or lost in the forest.


(The road less traveled....and yes, we took it!)

So finding a place so close to home that is so like home to me was a delight.  It will be wonderful to visit again and again throughout the year to see how foliage changes and what new kinds of critters we find.  This was The Girl's first creek, and after that she wants to stop by every water we passed.  "Can we touch the water, mama?  Can we touch it??"


(My kind of graffiti!)


(Walks are awesome!)

Spring Meanderings


“She turned to the sunlight
    And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
    "Winter is dead.” 

-A.A. Milne, from "When We Were Very Young"

Just a bit of spring courtesy of beautiful Washington State for those of you who have a while yet to wait.  part of my own personal physical health plan for this year is to get out of the house and take a daily walk.  While living in the suburbs has never ever appealed to me (I grew up deep in the country - it is hard to be comfortable in a neighborhood when you're used to having just trees and birds as your neighbors!), there are several things I appreciate about where we live.  There are walking trails everywhere.  I can walk out my door and have a dozen ways I can go.  It is delightful!  And with spring on our doorstep, each walk brings a new discovery.  

We have been watching these crocus grow in a neighbor's yard.  Crocus is among the first flowers to bloom where I am from, along with snowdrops.  The greens of daffodils and tulips are several inches long, but no blooms for a while yet.  Each walk with my children is a lesson on garden plants - at 3 and almost 8, they are at such a fun age where they love to learn what things are called.

While I haven't walked daily, it has been pretty close.  I'll post some more as we discover new, pretty things.  For those of you almost literally buried in snow, I wish I could box up some of our spring and send it to you!

Cheery Cherries!

Need something fun and bright for your kitchen?  The Cheery Cherry Collection from DII is just the thing.  There aren't many things more happy than a red, juicy cherry!

Here is the tablecloth - it comes in a square 52 x 52 inch size, and a rectangle 60 x 84 inch size.



Cherry Print Dishtowel



Cherry Toss Ruffled Apron, plus the Children's Apron, and the Pot Holder Set:


Goes great with our Cherries Luncheon Napkins:


And matching Cherries Melamine Plates:


Lots more available, come in and see!! :)

St. Patrick's Day Blossom Bucket

We have some fun little St. Patrick's Day items from Blossom Bucket, who are known for having super-adorable seasonal figurines that are small, relatively inexpensive, and great for gift giving.  Here are a few new things for St Patty's Day:

Irish Top Hat with Clover:


Jeweled Shamrock Hat:


Luck of Irish Round Sign with Ribbon:



Click HERE to see all St Patrick's Day items, and HERE to see all Blossom Bucket things.


Little Bo Peep and Little Lost Lamb by Lori Mitchell

We have a great many Lori Mitchell figurine collectors at The Weed Patch, and I am always being asked what is new.  I'd like to introduce Little Bo Peep and Little Lost Lamb, new for Spring 2014!

Little Bo Peep is one of the first non-bunny spring figures in a number of years, and her little girls and boys always seem to be the cutest.  


Little Bo Peep stands about 6.5 inches tall, and holds a shepherd's hook.  She has a pink and white striped dress, white apron with little blue hankerchief, and a large pink hat with flowers.


Little Lost Lamb is a darling accomanyment to this sweet little girl.  


His chubby little body of fluff is accented with a large blue ribbon and blue polka dot socks.  He holds a yellow daffodil, and stands about 6.5 inches tall.


We have Little Bo Peep and Little Lost Lamb in stock right now, and will be receiving the rest of our Spring/Easter Lori Mitchell and ESC & Company merchandise soon.  See all Lori Mitchell HERE, and all Spring/Easter (so far) HERE.  Enjoy! :)


Easter 2013

We were able to spend Easter this last year with Janene's family down in Union, Washington. Since it was Ben's Spring Break the following week, we used it as a kickoff for him, as he was able to spend several days down with Esther.

On Saturday evening Esther, Janene, Ben, and Savannah dyed Easter Eggs, which (being the second year in a row) seems to be growing into a tradition. This was really the first time Savannah had seen this process, and she was quite fascinated - at least for a while. Then the sunny deck drew her away, and she had a ball running all over the place.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! After church, and while we were waiting for everyone to arrive for a fantastic Easter meal, Ben went on an Easter Egg hunt - twice. I think he just liked running around the yard in the sun, honestly. Savannah got to dress up in her "Easter Best" and she was proud as a peacock all day long - especially when she got her new sunglasses.

All in all it was a wonderful day with some fantastic food, family, and summer weather at the end of April!