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5 BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving products to make your table perfectly festive.

Thanksgiving decor at The Weed Patch

Thanksgiving is still between now and Christmas, and we have some absolutely beautiful decor for the remainder of the Fall season. And yes - if you're like us, we completely expect that you probably have your tree up while you're eating at a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table! Please allow us to highlight just a few of the products we have that we love for Thanksgiving:

Number 1.
ceramic farmhouse turkey thanksgiving table decor at The Weed Patch

First up is this absolutely beautiful turkey. We have only a couple of these left in stock at the time of this blog post. I personally love this turkey - it's elegant and understated, and brings a level of sophistication to the table. It is beautifully detailed, with a mottled finish and a shiny glaze - so when someone splashes gravy on it, it's super easy to wipe off - which means it can sit right in the middle of everything, urging your feast-goers to eat just one more helping!

Number 2.
zinc artichoke salt and pepper shaker set thanksgiving table decor at The Weed Patch

Secondly, we have only 2 of these amazing salt and pepper sets available. They're so elegant and beautiful, and they just feel great in your hand when you use them. They would pair very, very nicely with the ceramic turkey in number 1... just sayin'.

Number 3.
Fall Glass Leaf Serving Platter at The Weed Patch

Third, we've got the perfect serving tray for your Thanksgiving feast... Whether you serve the turkey, a monster veggie platter, or the most epic snack tray you've ever put together - it will not only taste great, it will LOOK fantastic. This platter is beyond stunning - the photos just don't do it justice - the paint is an iridescent, full autumn color gradient, and it just shines.

Number 4.
Fall scatter leaves for the Thanksgiving Table at The Weed Patch

Fourth, if you're going all out on your Thanksgiving table (and really, who doesn't?), you should consider some of these understated Fall Scatter Leaves for your table. They're so light - both literally, and visually - they add a touch of color and maintain the elegance of the table. Simply take them and scatter them around the table to bring the entire display all together!

Number 5.
Fall Thanksgiving spreader at The Weed Patch

Fifth (and finally!), we know you all LOVE spreaders and dip bowls, so take a gander at these beautiful Thanksgiving spreaders. We have three choices for your table - a turkey, a sunflower, or a leaf. These will go absolutely perfectly with that cheeseball that you make every year!

We hope you loved our little list, and that it gives you inspiration for your Thanksgiving table! Head on over to our website for these, and so many more wonderful treasures!

{The Weed Patch Country Store}

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