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K & K Arrows for Fall & Christmas - Available now!

Folks, that small window of time has arrived - we have our first run of K & K Arrow Replacements for Fall & Christmas available for special order now!  Only a few designs of each are available, and as is typical for this supplier, we have no clue when and if they'll be available again, so if you're thinking of getting one for the season, I highly recommend not waiting!  There aren't many things I will say that about, as I don't like to add any pressure to your shopping experience.  I make the exception for K & K Arrows, because the supplier is notoriously unpredictable with their stock availability - I can't recall the last time we actually had a number of seasonal arrows available AT THE TIME of the actual season!

Here are a few example of what's available now:

Family and Friends LED Rustic Pumpkin Arrow Replacement - This one is extra fun because it lights up!  The neutral colors are really great for the farm house fall look.


Scarecrow Arrow Replacement - The scarecrow is a popular choice, as you can put it out now at the end of summer, and keep it up all through fall until Christmas.


Turkey Arrow Replacement - I will say it is very rare to find the turkey available in the fall.  This guy is really pretty and vintage looking.

Orange Pumpkin Arrow Replacement - This is for the Orange version of the pumpkin (there's a mustard one as well, though not available yet this year), which is the most popular in our experience.

41032a-fall-arrow-replacements-LIlluminating Jack-O-Lantern Arrow Replacement - This Jack o'Lantern was new a few years ago, and was super popular - we didn't realize it at the time (the face is cute in and of itself!), but the box opens up and there's a candle cup inside for you to put an LED taper candle for some spooky lighting!


Snowman Birdhouse Arrow Replacement - There are some Christmas arrows available right now, I'm highlighting this snowman as it is a new one for us.  He doubles as a little birdhouse!

Snowflake Arrow Replacement - This snowflake has been around for a while, but with aaaaallllll the Christmas choices, this has always been the most popular.  It is simple, pretty, elegant, goes with just about any decorating style, and it can stay up past Christmas until the late winter holidays begin.

Pineapple Arrow Replacement - I know, I know, this one isn't a fall or Christmas design.  I am including it in this announcement however, because it has been super popular this year.  Every time it becomes available, it is oversold (and in fact a few of you have been waiting patiently for yours - yay, it will be here soon!).  If you've had your eye on a pineapple, now is your moment!



We also currently have available all 3 choices of the arrow portion itself - the original black, the white version for those of you that prefer something lighter in your home, and the newer barnwood option, which looks great in a modern country farmhouse style home.

A quick note on shipping - it's a little tricky with these.  The arrows are oversized, and most of them are quite heavy.  Shipping cost is based on box dimensions, weight, and how far away it is shipping from us here in western Washington state.  Shipping is set based on the purchase of a single arrow, so if you purchase multiple arrows, you'll probably see a refund of the shipping difference after we pack and ship your box, especially if you live closer to where we are.  We do refund shipping overages on these arrows.



Shop all K & K Arrow Replacements here.

Let us know if you have any questions about our K & K Arrow Replacements, and happy shopping! :)