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Winter’s Light Series - Hand-Poured Soy Candles (Birthday Cake)

Winter’s Light Series - Hand-Poured Soy Candles (Cinnabun)

For us, the beginning of January always starts with some serious nesting - finding homes for our received gifts, tossing out accumulated clutter in the frantic moments of December, cleaning and airing out the house after holiday travels, and trying to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air as much as possible without freezing our noses off.  We try to tuck in as much light here and there to ward January blues, as we’re cozied up inside during the shortest, darkest days of the year.  Candles, little lamps, specialty light bulbs and LED lights are among our top selling items in January/February, so I thought it would be fun to do a blog series to highlight some of our favorites. 

This week I’ll talk about our best-selling soy candles, made right here in western Washington, and introduce once scent each day.


If you are unfamiliar with our soy candles, we have been making these for quite a few years now, hand-pouring them in beautiful Union, WA on Hood Canal.  We use 100% soy wax, not a wax blend.  Why soy?  Oh so many reasons.  First off, it makes a wonderful candle.  The wax burns at a lower temperature, so you get a longer burn time with soy over paraffin.  It will also withstand a heavier load of fragrance oil, so they are very highly scented.  We’ve had a single votive candle sitting in our car as an air freshener for going on 5 years now, and it still smells wonderful!  Soy is grown right here in America, so by choosing soy you are supporting American farmers, not to mention using a renewable resource, as paraffin is a petroleum product and not renewable.  If that isn’t enough, you can remove any leftover wax residue in your candles cups with soap and water!  What’s not to love here?

Currently, we are pouring standard-size votives, tealights, and an 8 ounce jar.  We do not use dyes in our wax, so the naturally creamy white color of the wax won’t compete with whatever your decorating palette you may have.  The votives fit in a standard-sized votive cup and will burn 10-15+ hours depending on how long it burns each time you light it (seems to burn longer overall if you keep it lit for a long time).  Tealights come in a clear plastic candle cup which can be placed out by themselves, or within larger hurricane candle holders or jars.  One tiny tealight will scent a whole room, and burn for about 6 hours!


Our jar candles have a classy, vintage-style look with their amber glass and black lids, reminiscent of antique apothecary containers.  Again, total burn time depends on how you light it, but our test candles burn for at least 70 hours (our tests burn on average 75-80 hours, but we say 70 to play it safe!).  Once you’ve burned the candle, the glass jar and lid are reusable for home storage!  Use for craft storage, cotton balls, herbs, vitamins, oil blends or creams, flavored sauces, bath salts, notions – whatever!  If you don’t want to reuse the jar, then please recycle. :)


Today’s fragrance is Cinnabun, our top-selling year-round fragrance.  Each season has its best-seller, but it is Cinnabun that is a consistent favorite all throughout the year.  The classic spicy warmth of cinnamon and cloves are sweetened up a bit with some vanilla and brown sugar.  Light this one up and folks will be sure that gooey cinnamon buns are baking in your oven!

Cinnabun tealights, votives, and jars are in stock now.  Tune in tomorrow for the next fragrance! :)