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Summer Squash Puree - Back to the Basics!

Introducing: Back to the Basics!

Back to the Basics at The Weed Patch!

We've added another category to the blog here, and we hope that someone out there finds it useful.  It's called "Back to the Basics" - and it's where we'll post about things that some people - including us sometimes - take to be "common knowledge."  But it's not common if you've never seen it before, as we've found out!  So, anything with a "Back to the Basics" label in the title, or found in this category, will be how-tos or information that we find to be very basic, but we know that others won't!  And if you've got something that you think should go in this category, then by all means - we'd love to add it, and we'll link back to your blog / profile / whatever*!  So send us some things that you think are so basic that everybody should know them, and you would be astounded if someone didn't - because we want to help those that haven't see it before learn about it! :)