The First Harvest of 2011!
Happy Birthday Esther Cunningham!

We Have PLANTS at The Weed Patch!!!

A little over a week ago we started getting some of our plants in to the store, and we're just SO excited!  Part of our thrill is, of course, directly related to everything we're doing at home in the yard - and it's fun to see what some of our options are at the store.  But that's not all - we've got some amazing prices on our plants, as customers have pointed out recently.  Since the back patio isn't yet finished and opened (still have to clean it up and fix the roof...!), our current options are lined up ready for you to browse as you walk in the front door of the store - and we must admit, we think it looks pretty darn great!

We've got both annuals and perennials - from Osteospermum and fuschias (the non-hardy variety for hanging baskets) to bleeding hearts, hostas, lilys, Peonys, a killer Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan) that grows SIX FEET TALL, Fuschias (the hardy variety), and SO much more... now is a great time to come in to the store!

Do you have a garden at home? What's your favorite plant(s)?