We Have PLANTS at The Weed Patch!!!

A little over a week ago we started getting some of our plants in to the store, and we're just SO excited!  Part of our thrill is, of course, directly related to everything we're doing at home in the yard - and it's fun to see what some of our options are at the store.  But that's not all - we've got some amazing prices on our plants, as customers have pointed out recently.  Since the back patio isn't yet finished and opened (still have to clean it up and fix the roof...!), our current options are lined up ready for you to browse as you walk in the front door of the store - and we must admit, we think it looks pretty darn great!

We've got both annuals and perennials - from Osteospermum and fuschias (the non-hardy variety for hanging baskets) to bleeding hearts, hostas, lilys, Peonys, a killer Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan) that grows SIX FEET TALL, Fuschias (the hardy variety), and SO much more... now is a great time to come in to the store!

Do you have a garden at home? What's your favorite plant(s)?

The First Harvest of 2011!

Last night I had a salad, with lettuce picked straight from the garden.  Which is silly, as we've had lettuce, spinach, arugula, and more for quite some time - but we just haven't had time to enjoy it.  So today I got some tomatoes from the store, since ours are just starts at this point; I got some chicken tenders, too.  Fresh carrots, some celery, a hard boiled egg, and some honey mustard dressing (I LOVE Lighthouse brand...) completed the tasty treat.  It was so big I had to eat it out of our mixing bowl, and I cleaned it up.  I also picked a couple of sugar snap peas to munch on, because I just couldn't wait to try them - and they were great!  There's a ton of peas that are all of a sudden ripening, the carrots just had a major growth spurt, and the chard is also almost ready!  In another post (soon) I'll tell you about our new goodies to go in the ground, but in the meantime - here's some updated pics from the garden.


When the Garden Started...

We have been so excited this year to really do more in our yard and garden - despite the crazy weather and colder temps that have plagued the Seattle area for so long in 2011.  We made mutiple trips to various nurseries, just exploring (which is how we found our FAVORITE nursery, My Garden - if you haven't been, or haven't been in a while, you REALLY need to check them out!) all our options and such.  We were fortunate to have one raised bed ready to go, and we did several pots to start.  That was back in late March / early April 2011.  The garden is growing nicely, but before we show you THAT I thought I'd show you some initial pictures from way back when...


Early Garden 2011 Early Garden 2011 Early Garden 2011 Early Garden 2011 Early Garden 2011 Early Garden 2011 Early Garden 2011 Early Garden 2011 Early Garden 2011

What are you growing in your garden this year?

Is Spring FINALLY Here?

Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

As we've been getting going in the garden here in Seattle, we've discovered some volunteer tulips mixed in our raised bed.  More specifically, mixed in a couple of holes in the cinder blocks we used to contain our raised bed... we're not sure if the squirrels put them in there or what, but they are a surefire reminder that Spring is here... or at least, is supposed to be!

This year has been one of the coldest and wettest April months on record here in Seattle.  Our beautiful sunny days have been few and far between, and we've had to be...well... patient.  

The Weed Patch

I went outside this afternoon and found this beautiful tulip just opening up.  What a glorious sight!  And welcome, Spring - maybe?  (*note that the weather is calling for lots of mountain snow over the next couple of days, with overnight lows here in the 30s - again... *sigh*)

Has Spring Sprung where you're at?  
What the first thing that makes it truly feel like spring for you?

The Sensitive Plant...

We have recently become addicted to houseplants.  I know, it's a little silly given the fact that Spring is on our doorstep and the garden is starting to take shape, but the fact of the matter is that houseplants are simply wonderful.  We've accumulated several plants in the last couple of weeks, with an eye towards aquiring plants that will help purify our air.  There are several of these readily available - keep your eyes here for an overview of some that we have found (coming shortly!), and that we love.

Today, however, we would like to share what is perhaps our most entertaining houseplant - the aptly named sensitive plant.  These don't clean the air or anything, but they are good for a laugh - and Ben simply can't leave the poor thing alone!  Rather than trying to explain it to you, here's a fun video that does this little beauty justice.  We hope that you enjoy it, and that it brings a smile to your face!  And for those of you who are local to us, we got this little guy at Flower World for $3.99... :)