The 4th of July 2015
Dr. Seuss Christmas Ornaments

New Rustic Wooden Signs

Hello!  Just added a few new signs to the shop, thought I'd share them here.  These are definitely on the more rustic side - they were made of scraps of reclaimed wood, so the shape is irregular, and there's lots of distressing going on here!

Bang Head Here Wooden Sign - who doesn't need this sometimes?!  Great accent to add some humor to your office, work space, or home.

Be Nice Wooden Sign - another great reminder!  Perfect for a classroom, your office, your home, any place people need to be reminded to use their manners. :)  

Hello Shelf Sitter - love the simplicity of a single hello.  This little guy sits on a shelf or windowsill.

We have lots and lots and LOTS of wooden signs, plaques, and shelf sitters.  We also have a line that is all hand-painted free-hand right here in Mill Creek, WA.  We can do custom signs, just give us a ring!

Have a happy Thursday! :)