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Christmas Cupcake Ceramics

I feel like I might never get sick of cupcakes.  I don't actually eat them all that much, I just love how they look.  They're just cute and fun and have lots of room for creativity.  Grassland's Road has a wonderful line of cupcake-themed ceramic, and I just love the Holiday Soiree collection.

Here are some highlights:


Holiday Soiree Cupcake Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, by Grasslands Road


Holiday Soiree Cupcake Box with Candle, by Grasslands Road


Holiday Sweet Soiree Candy Dish, by Grassland's Road


Holiday Sweet Soiree Candy Dish, by Grassland's Road

So much fun cupcake goodness!! :)  See our Gingerbread and Candy Theme under our Christmas Category for other fun holiday-related sweetness!

New Hand-Painted Barn Stars

Last week, I added some freshly painted barn stars to the shop.  As fall is officially started according to the calendar, we thought it was time for some autumn colors!

MustardwallstarAntiqued Mustard Wall Star - 8 inch

These metal stars are hand-painted right here in Mill Creek, WA.  This ones are a little different than the others released earlier this year, as they been distressed and antiqued for a more rustic look fitting with the harvest season.

HarvestorangebarnstarAntiqued Orange Wall Star - 8 inch

As with all our stars, they have been painted with high quality water-based paints and coated with an indoor/outdoor sealer, however they are intended for indoor use, or limited outdoor use under protected cover.  The backs are unfinished, and will rust if wet or left outside in dewy weather for a period of time.  Your front door area should be OK if it is protected, as long as you bring it back in when the weather gets bad.

CinnamonredstarTuscan Red Wall Star - 5 inch

These are the sizes we have made and ready to ship right now, but I have several other sizes of stars on hand if you need a custom collection painted for you.  A decent supply of 8 inch and 18 inch are in my studio right now, and I'm fairly certain there's some 5 inch, 12 inch, and a couple 24 inch somewhere in there too.  Feel free to give us a call with whatever you might need! :)  800-876-5230

BluewallstarTeal Blue Wall Star - 5 inch

(You can check out all our other Hand-Painted in the USA Barn Stars Here)

Happy fall! :)

Dr. Seuss Christmas Ornaments

Hi All!  For those new to us, we are a year-round holiday store, with Christmas in October, Halloween in January, Easter in December....we're pretty much always swimming in all holidays at all times!

Today I want to show you some fun ornaments for you Dr. Seuss fans.  The Grinch, Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs & Ham...these are timeless childhood icons, perfect for a birthday, shower, or Christmas gift.

Here are a few:

4033582drseussLGrinch Book Ornament, by Department 56 / Enesco


Hermey with Gift Ornament, by Department 56 / Enesco


Green Eggs & Ham Ornament, by Department 56 / Enesco


Cat in the Hat Ornament, by Department 56 / Enesco


Grinch's Small Heart Grew Water Globe, by Department 56 / Enesco


Cat in the Hat Ornament, by Department 56 / Enesco

Hope you enjoyed this little preview!  Check out our Christmas category for all other Dr. Seuss Christmas ornaments and decor.

Until next time! :)

New Rustic Wooden Signs

Hello!  Just added a few new signs to the shop, thought I'd share them here.  These are definitely on the more rustic side - they were made of scraps of reclaimed wood, so the shape is irregular, and there's lots of distressing going on here!

Bang Head Here Wooden Sign - who doesn't need this sometimes?!  Great accent to add some humor to your office, work space, or home.

Be Nice Wooden Sign - another great reminder!  Perfect for a classroom, your office, your home, any place people need to be reminded to use their manners. :)  

Hello Shelf Sitter - love the simplicity of a single hello.  This little guy sits on a shelf or windowsill.

We have lots and lots and LOTS of wooden signs, plaques, and shelf sitters.  We also have a line that is all hand-painted free-hand right here in Mill Creek, WA.  We can do custom signs, just give us a ring!

Have a happy Thursday! :)