Braided Jute Coasters
Homemade Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

Painting Al Fresco

Well, "al fresco" means eating outdoors, not painting outdoors, but This Girl's artistic process always involves the passion of a good feast, so I guess it works anyway.


Apparently, here in Washingon State, it is almost summer.  Sort of.  I recall last year that we never really had a spring, it just went from winter right into summer.  Last Saturday, the kids bought lemonade from a children's lemonade stand down the street, and had Popsicles in the afternoon.  In March!


I had forgotten how wonderful a babysitter a warm sunny day can be.  Being work at home parents, it is always a challenge to balance our workload while caring for our 3-year-old - to work and also give her attention.  Happily, this weather has tipped the balance a bit!


This girl is a PAINTER.  Throw her in some grub clothes and set her outside, and she'll happily go to town for hours.  While she does have a set of washable watercolors, she typically prefers craft acrylics.  I bring her over to my drawer of paints, and she selects her own colors - 10 of them, one for each cup in her plastic palette.


When The Boy was young, I bought a set of tempura paints, but neither of us were all that happy with them.  They definitely have their purpose, and I do still have them on hand.  But so many wonderful paints are made these days - they are inexpensive, easy to clean up (while still wet), readily available in an enormous variety of color options, and these days they'll stick to almost anything - paper, wood, cardboard, metal, rocks, flower pots, glass, and more.


She only started painting about two months ago, and I had no idea she'd take to it so quickly.  I have a lot of projects in mind, which I'll be sharing here over the coming weeks as we complete them.  I encourage you to try them yourself, in collaboration with your children!  Kids are like creativity steroids - they bring out the artist in you that you never even knew was there!


(These cards were painted by The Girl, and will be part of a future collaborative project...)