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Exploring We Will Go


(On to our next adventsure - today's walk!  Wearing our brothers' old pants, backwards, and a pink fuzzy hat.  What else would we wear?!)

I think the adventures of our own neighborhood often go under-appreciated. How often have we heard things like the people who live in Seattle never go to the Space Needle, or folks that live in Anaheim rarely go to Disneyland?  I think we think that explorations involve going away somewhere, which of course is true.  But there is plenty of discover to be had near our own homes, if we just look for it.


(So many trees....we love trees....)


(Moss is so very very pretty)

Today's walk took us to a nature trail within walking distance of our home.  Chris made the comment that he'd lived here his whole life and had never known this was there (we live 5 minutes from where he grew up).


(What kind of critters can we find under these rocks??)


(What's a fish ladder?  This is a fish ladder!)

I personally was extremely happy to find such a place so near our home in the suburbs.  This is the kind of place I grew up.  My sisters and I spent just about every sunny day (and many rainy ones too) outside with our feet in the creek, or lost in the forest.


(The road less traveled....and yes, we took it!)

So finding a place so close to home that is so like home to me was a delight.  It will be wonderful to visit again and again throughout the year to see how foliage changes and what new kinds of critters we find.  This was The Girl's first creek, and after that she wants to stop by every water we passed.  "Can we touch the water, mama?  Can we touch it??"


(My kind of graffiti!)


(Walks are awesome!)