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Sparkling Hands


We have been opening some fun things in the last few weeks, and I wanted to share something with you today - super fun creepy hands, perfect with Halloween coming up this month!  I'm not really sure what they're made of - they're pretty hard, yet slightly flexible too.  


Not sure if it is a resin or a heavy plastic, but the fact that they are a little substantial adds some variety to what you can do with them.  Someone told me that she saw them mounted to a wall once - the back is slightly hollow, so you can sort of hook them into a screw or hook on the wall, and hang something from them, like a sign, a scarf, or ornament.  


You can set one on a shelf as a decorative accent, or you can place it palm up and put something nestled in it.  Comes in either black or silver, and is covered in super-fine sparkly glitter.  They look really shriveled and sinewy, and were slightly creepy to open up, but the glitter, as it always does, makes everything all better. :)  You can pick up your own hand here.


It's kind of fun thinking of all the creative things you can do with these hands - what can you come up with??