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Marmalade by Judy Havelka (Allure)

Marmalade candles by Judy Havelka are one of the first memories I have of our shop, and I know many of you would say the same.  An absolute household requirement it seems, marmalade candles and rosehips are among the few things that would create a bit of fuss if we ever ran out.  With good reason too!  These just smell SO GOOD.  Everything you want in a warm, spicy, vaguely fruity, country fragrance.  Judy Havelka now goes by the name Allure, but it is the same great candle.

We are fully stocked in marmalade votives, but I wanted also let you know that we have expanded our selection to some new items that you many not be aware of.


Have a wax warmer/tart burner, even one of those Scentsy thingies?  Marmalade comes in wax potpourri!  


Just break off a square and pop into your warmer to release the fragrance, without the worry of a candle flame.  Same great color and smell, just without a wick!


Many have asked for a larger size candle than the mini pillar.  Here we have the Jar Candle!  Comes poured in an elegant reusable glass cup, beautifully packaged in a round black box hot stamped with the logo.  


Makes a lovely gift!  Depending on conditions, the Jar Candle has a 65+ hour burn time.


In addition to the scented rosehips, during the fall we also carry the scented pudka pods.  Resembling tiny pumpkins, they are darling!  Use them the same way you'd use the rosehips - displayed in a bowl, glass vase, around a candle in a dish, etc.  Scented in the same marmalade fragrance!


Also during the fall, we have the botanical potpourri.  This is a high quality potpourri folks - no wood chips or random pieces of who-knows-what here.  The marmalade botanical potpourri is made entirely of things you'd find in your kitchen or out in the woods - dried orange slices, bay leaves, star anise, dried citrus peel, and whole cinnamon sticks, all highly scented in the classic marmalade fragrance.  Just like the pudka pods and roseships, it is sold by the cup - we're sure to always include a little of everything in each cup measurement!


Then we have the old standby, our marmalade rosehips.  Aren't these just pretty?


Need to refresh your potpourri?  Just add a few drops of the Marmalade Refresher Oil.  Judy Havelka/Allure has gone through a few bottle styles over the years, and while this one lacks the country look of old, it is much more efficient.  We found that some of the old bottle styles did not stand up to the highly concentrated oil, and it ate through the dropper lids.  Yikes!  This one is pretty and practical.  You can also place a drop of the refresher oil on a lightbulb, or even on your heat register - anything that has a little warmth that will help release the scent into the air!


Of course, we can't forget the classic marmalade item - the votive.  Judy Havelka/Allure actually calls this a mini pillar because of it's extra-large size.  Indeed I've had many customers say that they don't even burn these in a candle cup, they just set it out like a pillar candle.  Depending on environmental conditions, the votive candle burns for about 18 hours.

And there you have it!  All the Marmalade you could ever want! :)