We Are Moving ... Online!
Woof & Poof Halloween 2014 at The Weed Patch

We're getting closer....!

Ok, finally time for an update on our move to an online-only storefront!

  1. Our 800# is now ringing through to us again - although we are (of course) having a very high call volume right now. If you've left us VM, we will get to you ASAP. If not, and you call and we can't grab the phone, it's because we're already on it - leave us a message, we'll get you called back!

    Our 425 number is NOT yet ringing through to us - and starting today we will NOT be checking voicemail on that line - PLEASE call our 800# to reach us for now!

  2. New hours of operation: As of right now, we're available via phone 10am - 5pm SEATTLE TIME, Monday through Friday.

  3. Connecting with us: You can email us at sales@theweedpatchstore.com - please don't use our ticket system, it's currently sucking, and we're going to disable it ASAP - email will get you a faster response.

  4. We have tons of new product - including fall/harvest, Woof & Poof, halloween, Blossom Bucket, and more on the website - all available for shipment.

  5. We're working to make sure our inventory is accurate; this is taking time, but we're making great headway - in the meantime, place your orders, and we'll call to update you if we can't locate something immediately - about half of our product is still in boxes, so we're definitely still transitioning... :)

Thank you SO much for your patience!  We're super excited, and have SO much new goodness coming your way - we just need to get you all taken care of first, and get ourselves fully unpacked, so that we can get your items out the door to you faster and faster!