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We Are Moving ... Online!

We Are Moving!

To our wonderful friends and customers,

We are extremely excited to announce that we are moving! More accurately, we are closing our physical storefront and moving strictly online. We have a thriving online storefront, and we will be putting all our effort and energy into growing online.

As our family is growing and maturing, we are finding that our values are not in line with our lives. As much as we LOVE the store at the holidays, it does mean that we virtually miss the entire holiday season with our kids. With a 7 yr old and an almost 3 yr old, we strongly feel that we need to refocus and provide the kids with a different life (for now).

We are haivng fun exploring all our options for the future - including vending in trunk shows, craft shows, and even opening a booth in various shops around the area. We're not sure where exactly this adventure will take us yet, but we're sure excited to be making the first steps!

Make sure, if you haven't already, that you sign up for our eNews off of our website! This will help you keep up with us, from where we might be participating in a show to sales that we're holding online, to new product that we have coming in!

Also, make sure you're following us on:

So, what does this mean for our online customers?

  • Our customer service will be fully focused on you
  • Our inventory will be much, MUCH more accurate and real time
  • We are shipping orders throughout this entire process. There will be a space of a few days mid-August where we will NOT be able to ship - but we'll be posting that information soon (once we figure it out!)
  • Our 800# phone number will remain the same
  • We will be upgrading the website, including our ticket system, and to make the site more user friendly
  • We are anticipating very high in store customer volume over the next two weeks. If you call and must leave a message, we are making an extremely active effort to return calls immediately. We also have beefed up staffing behind the counter throughout this process to do our best to minimize the impact this has for our online customers.

So, what does this mean for our local customers?

  • We are having a "moving sale" starting on Monday July 21, 2014. In an effort to make this move happen as smoothly as possible, we are discounting vast amounts of our in-store inventory. This sale isn't valid online.
  • We will be shutting the doors on our physical retail storefront as of Sunday August 10th. "In-Store" pickup will NOT be available after that date until further notice - although we will be offering this in the future again (more of a "meet us for pickup", is our current thought).
  • We love you all and will miss you at Country Village, but we are looking forward to seeing you at our future endeavors, both online and locally!
We LOVE Country Village, and are we hope that our locals will continue to support the fantastic businesses here. We will very much miss being a part of this community, but our path is leading us elsewhere, and we are at peace with the direction we are being led. We are truly looking forward to building our relationship with you online!