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Little Bo Peep and Little Lost Lamb by Lori Mitchell

We have a great many Lori Mitchell figurine collectors at The Weed Patch, and I am always being asked what is new.  I'd like to introduce Little Bo Peep and Little Lost Lamb, new for Spring 2014!

Little Bo Peep is one of the first non-bunny spring figures in a number of years, and her little girls and boys always seem to be the cutest.  


Little Bo Peep stands about 6.5 inches tall, and holds a shepherd's hook.  She has a pink and white striped dress, white apron with little blue hankerchief, and a large pink hat with flowers.


Little Lost Lamb is a darling accomanyment to this sweet little girl.  


His chubby little body of fluff is accented with a large blue ribbon and blue polka dot socks.  He holds a yellow daffodil, and stands about 6.5 inches tall.


We have Little Bo Peep and Little Lost Lamb in stock right now, and will be receiving the rest of our Spring/Easter Lori Mitchell and ESC & Company merchandise soon.  See all Lori Mitchell HERE, and all Spring/Easter (so far) HERE.  Enjoy! :)