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Easter 2013

We were able to spend Easter this last year with Janene's family down in Union, Washington. Since it was Ben's Spring Break the following week, we used it as a kickoff for him, as he was able to spend several days down with Esther.

On Saturday evening Esther, Janene, Ben, and Savannah dyed Easter Eggs, which (being the second year in a row) seems to be growing into a tradition. This was really the first time Savannah had seen this process, and she was quite fascinated - at least for a while. Then the sunny deck drew her away, and she had a ball running all over the place.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! After church, and while we were waiting for everyone to arrive for a fantastic Easter meal, Ben went on an Easter Egg hunt - twice. I think he just liked running around the yard in the sun, honestly. Savannah got to dress up in her "Easter Best" and she was proud as a peacock all day long - especially when she got her new sunglasses.

All in all it was a wonderful day with some fantastic food, family, and summer weather at the end of April!