Home Decor Month : March 2013
Beach Cottage Dinnerware, by Certified International

The New Support Ticket System

One of the new features that we're the most excited about on the new website (we're still working on the "look" to make it more user friendly) is our "Ticket Support System". One of the problems with the old site is that all email was basically monitored by one person; so when Janene got sick, or for whatever reason couldn't keep up, those emails took a while to get responses (and unfortunately - in rare occassions - even got lost in the shuffle).

The new system generates a ticket, which all of our staff will (soon) be monitoring. This means you should get much quicker responses. When you place an order, it will generate a ticket - and any time we need to communicate with you about that order, we will do it in the ticket. This way, if the email doesn't get through to you for some reason (this has been on the increase), you can still see our questions or responses and reply accordingly.  We will also be able to track all the details of the interaction - which means if Janene gets sick, the rest of us can see where she left things and step in to finish! :)

It seems so simple, and yet we're just thrilled to be able to have this tool at our fingertips! We sincerely hope that this greatly facilitates easier communication for you with us, as well!