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March 2013

Beach Cottage Dinnerware, by Certified International

Certified International has always been one of our very best dish lines, with designs for every decorating scheme, by talented artists.  In January, we were able to review all the new collections for 2013, and ordered most of them, to be shipped all throughout the year.

The first to arrive was the Beach Cottage Collection - lovely ocean-inspired ceramic dishes in a soothing color palette of neutral sands, ivory, and beach-glass-blue.  The various pieces feature artwork by long-time favorite artist Susan Winget, with images including varioius sea birds, blue crabs, red lobsters, sandy beaches, and lighthouses.  It is available in place settings (sold as open stock) as well as serving pieces and accessories.

Here are a few highlights:


Round Platter


LIghthouse Cookie Jar


Beach Cottage Mug


Beach Cottage Dinner Plate

View the entire Beach Cottage Dinnerware Collection here!  Enjoy! :)

The New Support Ticket System

One of the new features that we're the most excited about on the new website (we're still working on the "look" to make it more user friendly) is our "Ticket Support System". One of the problems with the old site is that all email was basically monitored by one person; so when Janene got sick, or for whatever reason couldn't keep up, those emails took a while to get responses (and unfortunately - in rare occassions - even got lost in the shuffle).

The new system generates a ticket, which all of our staff will (soon) be monitoring. This means you should get much quicker responses. When you place an order, it will generate a ticket - and any time we need to communicate with you about that order, we will do it in the ticket. This way, if the email doesn't get through to you for some reason (this has been on the increase), you can still see our questions or responses and reply accordingly.  We will also be able to track all the details of the interaction - which means if Janene gets sick, the rest of us can see where she left things and step in to finish! :)

It seems so simple, and yet we're just thrilled to be able to have this tool at our fingertips! We sincerely hope that this greatly facilitates easier communication for you with us, as well!

Home Decor Month : March 2013

One of the big things that the new Home Decor Group has going is Home Decor Month - which is THIS month (March). We've set different themes for different weeks, and each shop is holding some great discounts for that week! Additionally, if you have questions about a difficult to deal with area, you can ask the Home Decor Group via our Facebook page, and get suggestions from all twelve shops!

Here's the press release about Home Decor Month!


This Ain’t Your Momma’s Country Village Anymore!

Country Village still has the chickens, ducks, and quirky buildings, but you’ll soon discover that we aren’t ‘Your Momma’s Country Village Anymore”! Within the Village, there are 12 Home Decor shops working together to make your house a home. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, rustic or eclectic, we have you covered. We’re also here to offer advice and suggestions for all of your decorating questions.
The Country Village Home Décor Group is excited to announce that we have claimed March as ‘Home Décor Month’. What does this mean to you? A whole month of featured items, ideas and specials! Each week will feature a different theme, including specials and design ideas. Together we have decades of experience we would love to share with you!
The first week of The Country Village Home Décor Month will be ‘Illuminating’! Within the Home Décor Group at the Village, you’ll be able to find that perfect light among our 460 lamps. You’ll also be able to add just the right touch of warmth to your home with our 21 lines of candles with more than 160 different scents so you know you’ll find the one (or five) that suits your home and your mood! We also have candle holders in every color, material and style. Come in to any of our Home Décor shops and let us help you find the perfect piece to complement your style.
During the second week of the Country Village Home Décor Month we will be helping you accent your style! The Home Décor Group has everything you need to switch things up or finish your look. From picture frames to vases to birds; new and old, our shops are full of the little things which add that special touch to any design. We have a large variety of pieces for the walls, the table, or even for the mantle. Check out our mantle designs, displayed by each of the Home Decor Shops, on our Facebook page at
If you’re looking for something funky, traditional or unique, but don’t know what it is, or where to find it, post a comment on our Facebook page and you’ll get the expertise of 12 different points of view to find you the perfect answer!
Following Home Accessories week, the third week will be featuring the many different Textile’s throughout the village and in some cases, the world! We have pillows, window coverings, table lines and much more!
During the last week of Home Decor Month, we will be featuring our amazing array of furniture choices and specials. Weather you are looking for a customized sofa, a funky end table or an industrial piece to make a statement in your home, we are sure you will find it at Country Village!

Be SURE you mention Home Decor Month when you come in to shop, so that you can receive the deals and discounts on your purchase!




Check back soon for the details on Week 3: Textiles!

Introducing the Country Village Home Decor Group!


We're SUPER excited to be a part of the brand new Country Village Home Decor Group (visit our Facebook Page:, here at Country Village Shops in Bothell, Washington.

Earlier this year, a couple of the shops and businesses here were discussing some options to help let the world know about all the amazing shops that are located here in Country Village.  After all, there are over 50 unique businesses (close to 40 of them are retail shops), and we have one of the strongest groupings of Home Decor shops in the greater Seattle / Mill Creek / Eastside (Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville) / Lynnwood areas - there's actually twelve shops all with a primary focus on home decor and interior design!

These couple of shops started spreading the word, and pretty soon the Home Decor Group had our very first meeting.  Since then, we've released our own Facebook Page, coordinated the ongoing March Home Decor Month, we're working to host a large group of women for our April Ladies Night Out from a local women's club, and we're all working together to bring ourselves to the attention of the World At Large.

If you're not on Facebook, we're in the process of getting a web presence up and running (hopefully as a sub-category on the main website).  We're working on a Google+ account, as well as a Pinterest account; all of our video projects that we're working on will be released under the main Country Village Bothell's YouTube channel.

Here's a list of the currently participating shops (starting with us, of course!  The rest are in alphabetical order...)

The New Website is LIVE!

So.... yeah.  We weren't ACTUALLY planning on our online storefront ( being down for a week for an upgrade.  The PLAN was to develop the upgrade, get it perfect, and then release it overnight one night.  But you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

So a little over a week ago we ran into a situation where we had to upgrade one of the software pieces on our server.  As it turns out, the shopping cart software that we were running at the time wasn't compatible with the new server software, so down went the website (unfortunately, I kind of expected this).

What followed was a full week (Thursday through the following Friday) of 20 hr days in front of my computer trying to get the latest version of our shopping cart software up, running, and secure.  Not only was it not how I was anticipating spending that week, but it really hurts a lot to sit in one spot that long. 

Finally, last Friday I was trying to get the buttons to look nice (one of the last things I was trying to accomplish before I "flipped the switch") - and I woke up from being fast asleep on my keyboard.  So I flipped the switch so that you wonderful people could start shopping again (it wasn't a security issue), and lo - our new site was finally live.  (As a side note, I STILL haven't had time to get back to those silly buttons).

So, while there are some issues still (like the buttons, a few content pieces, redoing all the product images to the new larger size, etC) - the site is live, shoppable, secure, and (mostly) functional!

There are a couple of new features that I'm particularly excited about.  The first is the "my account" area.  From here, not only can you manage multiple addresses - but you can view your orders (and any order notes that we may have entered) including tracking numbers; you can initiate a return if there's a problem with your order.  You can even view past orders to look things up, if you decide that's important.  Additionally, you can now log into the system using your social media login - such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, PayPal, etc - hopefully this will make your life just a little easier!

Another new feature that we're SUPER excited about is our new Support Ticket system - but more about that in its own post soon!

So, in summary:

  • Larger thumbnails and product images
  • Easier login system + account creation
  • Streamlined "Related Products"
  • New Support Ticket System
  • Improved Navigation
  • Improved Search
  • Improved Product Galleries with detail images
  • Video integration (coming soon!) for product demos and reviews
  • Improved account management, order tracking, return features
  • Improved On Sale functionality (coming soon!)
  • Sign up for Back In Stock notifications
  • Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) (in progress!)
  • Blog integration
  • Weed Patch TV integration (coming soon!)
  • Improved text clarity
  • And SO much more!

Take a look, give it a spin, and let us know what you think!  As I mentioned, we're still working out some of the kinks (those buttons'll be fixed soon, I promise!) - but it IS secure and safe to use, and we'd love some feedback!