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Our Theme for 2013: Live A Life Intentional!

This last year has been truly brutal, as many of you already know. Honestly, we can't even believe it's now 2013 - the weirdness of year made it both seem like it would never end, as well as feeling like it flew by so fast that there wasn't even time to breath. In fact, in looking back over 2012, it kind of feels like a bad dream...

Which means that 2013 is going to be GREAT, because we just woke up, and now we can change some things!

Princess Savannah
She loves that silly crown! Growing up TOO quickly!

First, though, a little internal thought process.

2012 started with high hopes - which were promptly thrown into a holding pattern with the death of Janene's 41 year old brother in law. From there, it pretty much feels like all we did all year was put out fires and react to things happening to or around us. We never managed to get "ahead of the game" as it were - we never figured out a way to be proactive and head the next crisis off at the pass. Consequently, we were FAR more exhausted and burned out than we have ever been. Our passion for both life in general and the store was very much at a low, and it became a "one foot in front of the other" approach. Our balance was lost, and the ramifications of that are still being discovered.

Ben helping to process apples with Janene
Ben helping Janene get apples ready for homemade applesauce! Growing up TOO quickly, too!!!


2013 WILL be different, if only because we say so! It certainly started off beautifuly here - bright, crisp sunny day, lots of good sales (for a day we used to be closed, it gets bigger every year), a solid start on the enormous job of inventory, a good homecooked dinner (even if it WAS made in a crock pot at the store!), school starts tomorrow for Ben, both kids were fantastic all day long...

Our theme for 2013 is to Live a Life Intentional!

Live a Life Intentional!

What does that even mean? For us, it means getting our priorities back in order - and THAT means God, Family, and The Weed Patch (yes, in that order!).

It means making tough decisions to stay on track and to stay focused.

It means making the necessary policy and procedure changes, and hiring new employees to help balance our load, in order for us to better meet our goals.

It means finding a balance between everything, because this last year, balance was lacking - and it showed. It means thinking outside the box, and it means listening to those around us - friends, family, and customers - and hearing their thoughts and advice.

It means that every decision will be weighed before it is made, with the goal of making both our personal and our store lives stronger, better, and happier.

It means, above all, choosing to LIVE life - every day.

The Fam, with REINDEER!
At Santa Arrival, at Country Village - with the reindeer!!!


So, where do we start (for the store issues, anyway...)? Among the first steps is for us to ask some questions of our friends and customers. We know we're not perfect, and while we truly strive to do everything right the first time, sometimes mistakes are made. We're not, with unlimited resources and a full shipping department - we're a small, family owned store who this last year definitely experienced some interesting growing pains.


From your lips to our ears, what can we do better? Whether in-store, over the phone, or online - where are some places that we can improve, from your point of view?  And, conversely, we'd also love to know what you love about us - what are we doing right, and why do you like it?

Drop us a note (sales at or via our website) or drop us a comment.  We would TRULY love to hear from you!


Part Two of this little "welcome to 2013" series will address some of the things that WE think we need to work on, and what some of our plans are for this next year... Keep your eyes peeled, and don't be shy!

Facebook Friends of the Week is BACK! (And Welcome 2013!)

The Weed Patch on Facebook! Happy New Year!  :) We hope that 2012 wrapped up for you very well, and that you're as excited about 2013 as we are!  We have tons of new awesomeness coming along this year -and among the things that we'll be doing this year is our weekly Facebook Friends of the Week!

As a refresher to how all this works, please check out The Original Facebook Friends of the Week Blog Post.

If you're NOT already a friend of us on Facebook, check us out: The Weed Patch on Facebook.

The first randomness of the year will start on Monday January 7, 2013! Keep your eyes peeled!