Ladies Night Out Christmas Edition 2012!
Annual Christmas Extravaganza!

The Many Faces of Sculptor Artist Dennis Brown

Santa Artist Dennis Brown Santa Scene At Santas Desk

We are SUPER DUPER excited to have artist Dennis Brown - literally known the world over - authorize us as a seller of his amazing original sculptures! Dennis has been sculpting for over 35 years, and was one of the co-founders and the original artist of "Reasons to Believe".

Santa Artist Dennis Brown Elf With Bear

Dennis Brown Santa Artist Santa With Walking Stick

He has been featured in dozens of magazines (from Better Homes and Gardens to 425 Magazine), as well as multiple appearances on Evening Magazine. His pieces grace homes around the world - from our own all the way to the White House, and everywhere in between.

Santa Artist Dennis Brown Figurine Frosty The Snowman

Artist Dennis Brown Santa in Black Figurine

We're still working to add his products to our website, but we've got a decent start so please check it out! These pieces are all handcrafted right here in his workshop in Country Village - about three doors down from The Weed Patch. Each piece is signed by Dennis, of course! Some of the pieces we are featuring are singles - meaning they are the only one exactly like it that Dennis will ever make.

Santa Sculptor Dennis Brown Christmas Cottage

Dennis Brown Sculptor Santa With Hands In Pockets Figurine

Dennis is perhaps best known for his whimsical and touching Santa sculptures, but he is also extremely excited to be branching out in his art to cover other holidays as well as the fantasy world - so, whether you're looking for a Santa (or a Santa bust, or a Santa scene ...), Halloween, Easter, Wizard, Fairy, Goblin, Dragon ... the possibilities are endless!

Dennis Brown Sculpture Goblin Wizard

Sculptor Dennis Brown Goblin Wizard Figurine

Fantasy Sculptor Artist Dennis Brown Fortune Tellers Books

Harvest Sculpture Dennis Brown Pumpkin Elf

We will be working with Dennis on a daily basis to maintain our site, so if it's there it should be available - but maybe not for long! Additionally, we're discussing the possibilites of perhaps some pieces exclusive to The Weed Patch - so definitely watch our site, this blog, and our various social media outlets (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google+) for more information.

Halloween Sculptor Dennis Brown Pumpkin Head

Artist Dennis Brown Santa Figurine

You can see more of Dennis' work on his YouTube channel, and we'll be posting additional photos and video as we have time to create them. If you have any questions about Dennis or his work, please let us know!

Santa Bust with Rabbit by Dennis Brown

Artist Dennis Brown Santa With Candy Cane

Santa Licking Candy Cane by Sculptor Artist Dennis Brown