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Happy Veteran's Day, 2012

This image should make you cry every time you see it.  You should cry tears of anger, that our world is a place that requires such sacrifice.  You should cry tears of pride, that someone cared enough about this country - and about you - to literally lay their life down so that our freedoms should be protected.  You should cry tears of thankfulness, that so many who put themselves in harms way return home.

Today* is a day to remember all the veterans of all the wars that have been fought to keep our country free.  It is a time to say thank you - both to those in the service, and to those familes that support the service.  Every day, our brave soldiers wake up around the world, not knowing what the day holds, if this is it for them or their comrads, or if they will live to fight another day - and they don't even pause to consider any other course of action.  And every day, those same soldiers have brave spouses, families, and loved ones at home - who wake up, not knowing what the day will hold, but also knowing that the ones they love and hold most dear are putting themselves in harms way to provide safety and security for an entire nation.

Today is the day that you go out of your way to shake a hand, to say thank you, to tell these men and women that you appreciate them.  I say "out of your way" because we should be grateful EVERY day - and we should be conveying that EVERY day.

So, from The Weed Patch - thank you, to all our veterans, and to all those who went down range - your service and sacrifices are appreciated so much more than you will ever know.