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New Park Designs for January 2012

As long as we're snowed in, I might as well watch some movies and get our new Park Designs for 2012 online!  It is actually sitting in the store right now, though it will be a bit before I can get in there.  If you aren't  following the weather at all, we have about 8 or so inches of snow out here, which is very rare for this area.  The whole world seems to shut down if we have 1/2 inch, let alone 8 or more!

So, I though I'd whet your appetites by getting some of the new things online.  I'll showcase them here over the next several days, as I get it all up.  We also attended at least half of the Seattle Gift show, and somewhere we have pictures from that too.  So, stay tuned for some eye candy!


 Scrapbook Collection, by Park Designs.



Time Worn Collection, by Park Designs.


Casual Classics Dinnerware in Chocolate, by Park Designs.


Casual Classics Dinnerware in Bisque, by Park Designs.


Rue du Marche, by Park Designs.