The Garden is aBuzz!
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The "Lavender Bed"

Lavender plants in our Lavender Bed

If you've seen pictures of our yard before, you may have noticed a hedge lining the driveway.  This hedge looked awful, and it seriously cramped my veggie growing style by blocking the sun.  I'm finding that I'm a "bit addicted" to the garden, but especially with regards to growing food - I find it fascinating and very rewarding to be able to plant my own food, and hopefully have a bountiful harvest that we can eat all summer long - and "put up" for the winter.

Lavender plants in our Lavender Bed

Anyway, one of the first projects I tackled this year was removing that hedge.  And once it was gone, BOY did the yard open up - but there was nothing there at all (funny how that works?).  So we planted some lavender, all the way down.  This spot is about 24 feet long, and a little over 2 feet wide (I think - it's dark out, and I don't feel like going out and measuring it...). And it's packed with lavender, spaced every 18" apart!  I know I'm going to have to move some of it as it grows in, but we're really excited for it to just take over and fill that space - we love lavender, and this will even give us some to pick (who knows, maybe dried lavender will make it in to the store!)

Lavender plants in our Lavender Bed

And the bees just love it, so that can only be good for the rest of the garden....

Do you like Lavender?  Is there a particular kind that's your favorite? Why do you love it?