Happy Birthday Esther Cunningham!
The "Lavender Bed"

The Garden is aBuzz!

It's so wonderful to walk out our front door, onto our front porch, on our (mostly) quiet street, and hear a steady buzz... because the bees are at it, doing their job and pollinating away!

Our chives have flowered, and they're beautiful!  The Colombine that we need to get back to the store is in bloom, our new lavender is blooming, our big rhodi that we inherited with the house is in full color, and those wonderful bees are bouncing from one to the next, spreading the golden love from plant to plant!

Soon, our new garden bed(s) will be done, and all the new veggies will be planted.  And then we'll be working to incorporate some beautiful flowers and plants that will help keep the bees happy, and keep them buzzing all over our yard!  

It's just a perfect Spring / Summer sound!

Do you like bees in your garden?  
What are your favorite ways to attract bees and keep their attention?