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September 2010

A Little Bit of Falloween at The Weed Patch for 2010

Yep.  Pretty much the title says it all, I think.  These are some photos of the store - well, mostly Fall and Halloween displays, with a couple of new Park Designs displays thrown in.  We really have some great product, and the photos just can't seem to convey the magical feeling you get when you visit the store - but hopefully, for those of our fantastic customers that don't live in the area, this will still be interesting and fun. :)


At The Zoo...

On September 14th 2010 Janene and I piled in to our car (with Ben, of course!) and hooked up with Chris' parents to head to the Woodland Park Zoo.  It was the first time I had been to the zoo in FOREVER - and it was wonderful.  Papa and Grandma bought a season pass, so were able to go and enjoy the day!  It was truly amazing - if you haven't been in a while, it's totally worth the cash to go - and we'd recommend going first thing in the morning, when the animals are active.

Air Show Fun!

A couple of weeks ago I (Chris) had the opportunity to take Ben to an airshow at the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field ( courtesy of my parents.  It was a fantastic experience - if you haven't yet been, I'd highly recommend it.  Ben had a GREAT time (but maybe not quite as good a time as my dad did.....)  We managed to get some great pictures, and I hope you enjoy them.

A Beautiful Early Fall Dinner

A couple of days ago we were trying to decide what to do for dinner that night, and Janene got a bit of a bee in her bonnet and decided to do a fancy meal.  Then she got thoughtful, said "we're gonna have a ton of food - why don't you invite your parents?!?!?" 

So I gave mom and dad a call, and they were thrilled to come over.  Of course, we HAD to take some pictures...  And I'm pretty darn sure Janene will be forthcoming with a recipe or two here shortly...

We got obscenely HUGE carrots at Yakima Fruit Market...