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August 2010

Sometime's Life Just Happens...

Well, it has officially been quite some time since we posted anything for our fantastic blog readers.  There has simply been a LOT that has happened recently!

My (Chris') grandma Esther recently passed away, bringing the total of loss to three grandparents since January - it has been a bit of a difficult year, actually.  Despite Grandma Esther (and the others!) being in a better place and situation (and she's no longer in pain - I'm sure she and Grandpa are garage sale-ing door to door in Heaven, getting to know all their neighbors, and praising God 24/7) it's still a loss.  Try teaching a 3-year-old about that one...

We've also been just living life - we've put in a raised veggie bed (more on this in a soon-to-come post) that we're hoping will encourage Ben to eat more veggies, in addition to providing us our own fresh food.  Ben and I (Chris) have been digging out a second bed from the lawn for more space, and once that's done we'll be clearing the way for raspberries on the other side of the house.

The store has been hopping - Christmas in July has been wonderful, even if it's still up in late August.  Fall is coming in to the store, and the first major shift towards fall display and decoration is happening this weekend! 

So, if you've missed seeing us here, we're SO incredibly terribly sorry - there's just been a lot going on, especially emotionally!  But never fear - we're back, and none-too-soon!  Happy Late Summer / Early Fall!