Indigo Patch by Victorian Heart
Rest in Peace, old man....

Happy Independence Day!

Join us in remembering all those who have fallen throughout the years that we may have our freedoms.

Join us in thanking those who fight on, day in and day out, that we may have our freedoms.

Join us in supporting those who love those who fight on, for their sacrifices are as great as any, and those sacrifices free our mighty warriors to protect us.

Join us in prayer, for we are a nation built on a faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we shall never be ashamed of that.  It is our greatest freedom, purchased through the blood of those willing to place everything they are so that we may believe as we wish to believe, to speak as we wish to speak, and to live as we wish to live.

We just stumbled across this video today - it's amazing.  Please take the 15 minutes to watch it, and to think about it, and to really listen to it, for it is this simple document that sets us apart.