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Lori Mitchell Patriotic & Summer

Ok, folks, our selection of summer Lori Mitchell figures have arrived!  Beach, circus, wedding, and patriotic, even a few fall ones already!  We've got most of it opened and I managed to snap a few photos so you can see better what they look like.  Unfortunately, I was working against the sun, so I couldn't take photos of everything.  So, this will be just a sampling of all we have.....


Clowning Around




Blonde Wedding Belle


Ellie and Her Hoop Dee Doo


Little Patriotic Boy


Tin Man


Purdy Peep


Little Babe Ruth


Rumba the Ringleader


Getty Up Lil' Cowgirl


Andy and Annie


Billy Blue


Bernie's Beach Ball

Always, you can view our complete collection of Lori Mitchell on our website by clicking the Lori Mitchell category.  Get em while they're hot! :)

Spring Has Sprung on the Patio!

It has finally happened!  The patio at the store is finally fixed, cleaned up, and has a growing base of beautiful plants and flowers, as well as garden art and accessories!  The fountain is running, the benches are ready and waiting for those fabulous coffee meetings that so many of you enjoyed so many times in years past!  We've got two full "plant runs" under our belts now, and it's looking like (in general) Wednesdays will be our days for getting new plants in.  We're working with a total of FIVE wholesale nurseries, and have some truly beautiful plants!  The "big guys" have nothing on us - we're buying from some of the same suppliers that Molbak's and Wight's purchase from, so you KNOW the plants are going to be beautiful!

We've got Hostas, Marigolds, Dahlias, Fuscias, Iris, Coleus, Non-Stop Begonia, Columbine, Bleeding Heart, Day Lilies, African Daisy (osteospermum), Calla Lily, Euphorbia, Geranium, Huechera (several), Speedwell (Veronica Crater Lake Blue), Caryopteris (Blue Mist), Bishop's Cap, Snakeroot (formerly cimicifuga), Maidenhair Fern, Bergenia (Winter Glow) - and so much more coming! LOTS are in 1 to 3 gallon pots, and our prices are UNBELIEVABLE - so come by the store, bring a cup of coffee (or purchase one at The Village Bean!) and a friend, and enjoy the patio! (sorry about the photos; they're off my cell phone, as I forgot the "real" camera at home today! ~chris)