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A Day in the Life

Just another normal work day today.  Here was yesterday, up to now:

9:00 am Parents get up for the day, get dressed, have a nice quiet discussion regarding store stuff.

10:05am Parent goes upstairs to dress and ready child for the day, as child is heard running and playing, and therefore is indeed awake.  Parent finds child not in closed bedroom as usual, but instead in the closed bathroom.

10:10am Parent installs sock on child's bedroom door to help control child-door-opening activities.

10:13am Parent reinstalls sock on child's bedroom door, securing with rubber band.

2:05 pm Child plays quietly in room, and goes to sleep for a nap.  Parental bliss ensues.  Quiet working, uninterrupted lunch, etc.

6:15 pm Parent gets child up from nap, in closed bedroom.

7:45 pm Child goes into kitchen.  Child is quiet.

7:47 pm Parent enters kitchen to find child inside refrigerator, in the process of pulling the door closed.

7:48 pm Parent begin going-night-night actives with child.

8:35 pm Child bites nipple off before-bedtime-bottle of milk, and pours milk over couch, couch contents, and surrounding couch area.

8:45 pm Child is given crash course (long over due) in going to bed without bottle.

9:34 pm Parent repeats cuddling, talking, song singing, tucking in process.

10:18 pm See above.

10:35 pm Quiet upstairs.

4:00 am Parent spends 1 hour with perfectly dry, sound, healthy, whole, yet utterly inconsolably screaming child.

9:38 am Sleepy parent gets out of bed, thankful to have slept in a bit.  All is quiet from child's room.

11:00 am Evidence of quiet happy playing heard from upstairs.

11:48 am Parent greets child's for the morning to sweet happy "hi mama" and "up! up!"

11:49 am Parent notices child has a black eye.  Child does not notice or care.  Parent wonders what's she's doing wrong in her role as a parent.

3:15 pm Child goes down for nap.

3:19 pm Parent sits on couch and stares off into space for 14 minutes.  Wonders...what's next?!


Secret Gardens and Soap

Well, today I've finally done it.  Out with the herbs, oils, and molds again, I am back to making soap.  My soap is what led us to buying the store in September 05, did you know that?  We were wondering if the Weed Patch might like to buy some of our soap.  Turned out the store itself was for sale, and we bought it two months later.


It feels so great to be back soaping again.  I haven't seriously made soap since we bought the store, and I've been a bit sad about it.  I have no idea whatever sparked my interest in soap-making originally, it just came to me one day while I was working in the campus ministries office at SPU when I was a sophomore in college.  Steaming pots, golden oils, clean fragrances from herbs and plant extracts - I find it peaceful, I guess.  To be buried in such things, working such a simple, timeless, and industrious process, resulting in such sweet endings.  Not unlike baking, really.

Anyway, it is wonderful to be back in the game.  Hopefully everyone loves the soap and gobbles it up, so then I have to make more and more.  I don't mind at all being stuck in my kitchen if I get to be baking up such wonderful goodies.  I have a few more kinks to work out in my process, but if everything goes as planned, I should have soaps in the store by next weekend.

As I write this, I am watching The Secret Garden - Frances For Coppula's 1993 version with Maggie Smith.  Kate Maberly plays Mary Lennox, and although she doesn't have the appearance described in the book, she embodies the character perfectly.  Sour and dour and dark in the beginning, slowly blossoming into something pretty, due primarily to another simple and rewarding process, gardening, as well as the the good influence of having people in her life that care a whit about her.


If you haven't seen this version, I highly recommend it.  It strays from the book only a little, and is a very sweet way to spend a couple hours.  I still have my childhood version of this book, I can remember reading it several times.  I am the type of person to read a good book over and over, rather than just once.  When I was young, I didn't often have someone to play with, as we lived far out of town and had no neighbors, and my sisters are several years older than I.  So, I was often left to amuse myself, which really wasn't hard at all to do, especially when we lived in such a nature's fairy-land, and my sisters would give me fun plays.  One was to build a fairy garden.  You'd gather small sticks, flowers, rocks, pine cones, and other bits and bobs of nature, and build a little home in the middle of the forest - tables, chairs, beds, all out of sticks and leaves.  My sisters told me that when I left, a fairy would move into it.  Although I didn't REALLY believe in fairies, it didn't stop me from having great fun pretending, and after creating such sweet little spots, it was hard to believe a fairy WOULDN'T move in.

Ah yes, such fun games to play as kids.  I wouldn't mind playing them as an adult.  But then, sometimes it is nice to just go away by yourself, lay down on the stairs, and vacuum....


Weekly Specials

I've just updated the Weekly Specials!  Take 10% off the following product, from today through next week when I update the specials again (usually every Thursday night)! I usually do about 10 things, but this time I got a little carried away, so there are a few more things for you to choose from.  Enjoy the savings!!

Burgundy Check Tablecloth, 54 x 54

Burgundy Check Bread Basket Set of 3

Meridian Blakley
Meridian Navy Blakely Quilted Handbag

Houndstooth Shopper Quilted Handbag

Black Pig, by Blossom Bucket

Welcome Sheep, by Blossom Bucket

Farm Market Dinnerware - Dinner Plate


Home Sweet Home Dinnerware Spoon Rest


Sand Dollar Embroidered Pillow


Sea Fan Embroidered Pillow


Black Corrugated Barn Star, 30 inch

Walcott Tier

Walcott Tiers

Stars of America Red Valance

Stars of America Red Valance

Also, I just wanted to mention that every now and then for some reason our shopping cart will calculate and order total incorrectly when someone buys one of the weekly special items, applying the 10% off to your whole order rather than just the item.  Please don't get too excited, as if that happens, I'll manually correct your order total. :)  Just want to give you a head's up, though, in case that happens!  Our shopping cart seems to have a mind of its own sometimes...

Blossom Bucket Fall is Here!!

I know a lot of you have been waiting anxiously for our ever popular Blossom Bucket to arrive, and I'm happy to announce that it is finally here!  About 90% of our fall, Halloween, and thanksgiving Blossom Bucket order arrived just this last Friday, and it has been like Christmas at the house opening it all.  For those of you with preorders, we'll get those out to you this coming weekend.  For the rest of you, I recommend getting your orders early, because it is already selling fast, and once its one, its usually gone! 

P.S.  For those of you local folks, this stuff won't go out until August, so you won't find it in the store.  However, feel free to place an order online, we'll pull it together for you, and you can come pick it up!

Here are some photos....







GrinningjacksL (2)







This is just a sampling of all the fantastic designs of artists such as Barbara Lloyd, Suzi Skoglund, Heather Myers, and more!  Click here to see our complete offering of Blossom Bucket figurines!

Weekly Specials

Hi All!  Here are the specials for this week, 10% off any of these items from today until next Thursday when I'm at the store and can update them again! :)


All Because Two People Fell In Love Handmade Sign (Black with White Letters)


Whiteware Teapot, by Ragon House


Telescope Lamp, by Park Designs


America Blocks, by Blossom Bucket


Wellesley Quilted Tablerunner, 36 inch, by Victorian Heart


Hampton Stripe Dishtowel, by Tag


Hampton Stripe Appetizer Plate, by Tag


Hampton Stripe Napkin, by Tag


Chintz Blue Valance, by Victorian Heart


Stars of America Quilted Everyday Handbag, by Victorian Heart

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, and have a great rest of your week!!

Cows, BBQ, and Gramma's House


We've been spending the week down at my mom's place in Hood Canal - it is meant to be a work weekend, but we are finding some play time as well.  The house my mom lives in now isn't where I grew up, but she's still in the same general area, so we often find ourselves in the same haunts from my childhood.  See, my grandparents were some of the first families to settle in Mason County, so there are a lot of us, and we've been here a long time.  In fact, the childhood home of my mother's is still in the family, out in the farmland of Skokomish Valley.


This is true small town life out here, right down to the cowpies.  Every Monday a small group of family and friends gather for games and dessert, but as summer is approaching, these times have become summer hot dog roasts out at the farm.  In the middle of one of the cow pastures is a big pile of tree debris and an old farm wagon, and there we've built ourselves a dandy campfire area.  With the curious cows milling about, we hang out roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  I think this is the closest Ben has gotten to real live cows, and they seemed just as interested in him as he was of them.


A family friend is currently caretaker of the homestead, and he has named each of their cows.  I can't remember what he said they were now, but they all had something to do with the unique personality of the cow.  They are very sweet, and not too shy, perfect companions to a summer evening campfire event.


I would have to say that some of my best summer memories are always the spontaneous ones, never really planned at all, and therefore pretty much stress free.  Just people showing up with whatever they have - special people in a special place.  I of course love the camping, the trips to the lake or the beach, and all that, but these are just the best.  Pick up the phone, show up, come as you are.


My grandfather was a farmer and a logger, and my grandmother was the typical country housewife, busy raising 7 children, cooking, hand-washing cloth diapers, making you take vitamins and eat your veggies.  I never really new them - my grandfather passed shortly after I was born, and my grandmother was already 83 by then.  A lot of people knew them, though, and thus I've been able to learn about who they were through all the stories.  I love love love that the land is still in the family, and we can just show up to visit anytime.  The way I was raised, the door is always open.  So, my son can play around the very same places and things that my mom once did.


So, has it REALLY been a work week??  We are getting a lot done, so I guess so, but with moments like these it doesn't feel like work.  (Which is really the goal, right?)

I love it out here.  I do enjoy living in the city, but I am a small town country girl at heart, and my city-raised husband is right on board with me.  We try to bring that small town country feel into our store, the door always open and welcome mat always down.


Sigh...summer bliss....

Applique Star Burgundy Primitive Linens

Many of our customers are looking for primitive linens, especially Americana style with 4th of July coming up.  I just updated all of our Applique Star Burgundy primitive linens by Victorian Heart, and thought I'd share them with you.

We've always loved Victorian Heart for their huge selection of linens in primitive, country, and contemporary styles, especially their affordable pricing for the quality.  The Applique Star pattern has been one of the longest running and most popular lines, and will completely outfit your kitchen in Americana style.  It coordinates beautifully with our other lines, such as the Stars & Stripes dinnerware by Park Designs.

Applique Star Burgundy comes in:


Applique Star Bread Basket Set of 3


Applique Star Burgundy Full Apron


Applique Star Burgundy Half Apron


Applique Star Burgundy Chair Pads

32-NNN-PRMT-RE0143-PNL (2)

Applique Star Burgundy Curtain Panels and Valances


Applique Star Burgundy Dishtowel


Applique Star Burgundy Pot Holder


Applique Star Burgundy Oven Mitt


Applique Star Burgundy Napkins


Applique Star Burgundy Placemats


Applique Star Burgundy Table Runners, 36 inch and 48 inch


Applique Star Burgundy 54 x 54 inch and 60 x 84 inch Tablecloths 

If you have any questions, feel free to email, or come on in to the store!