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December 2008

Fish Creek Tree Farm

One of our traditions each year is to trek off into the "wilderness" to find the perfect Christmas tree for our home. We love to go to live tree farms, because the trees are, well, alive! We spend hours wandering the farms, comparing this tree to that. We sip cider or hot chocolate, munch on candy canes, and revel in the brisk air and the rich tree smell that permeates the tree farm. Finally, finding our perfect tree, we grab the (provided) saw and get to work. Sawdust flies, and soon the tree is down and ready for us to carry to the car. This entire experience marks the start of our Christmas Season, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Below is a list of some local Christmas Tree Farms. We found our information online, and for a more complete list would recommend one of two websites: The Puget Sound Christmas Tree Association ( or Northwest Trees ( Other than Fish Creek Tree Farm, we have no experience with the farms on this list, so please call the farm first for more information, and have fun exploring some of the options!

OUR favorite farm is up in Arlington Washington, and is called Fish Creek Tree Farm.  This year we have missed our trek to our favorite tree farm - between the craziness of life and having an 18 month old who insists on tasting everything, we decided for this one year we needed to use a *GASP* artificial tree.  Actually, it's a beautiful tree, but it's still not "the real thing".  Each of the past years we got a live tree from Fish Creek, we were thrilled with our trees which lasted for months - and months, and months.  Of course, we made sure to water the tree regularly, and to take care of it.  If you’re looking for a great Christmas Tree Farm where the experience of searching for a tree is surpassed only by the experience of HAVING a healthy tree, then make the trip to Fish Creek Tree Farm!

Fish Creek Tree Farm
Lloyd Dietlin and Family
18420 3rd Ave NE
Arlington, WA 98223
Open Nov 25 to Dec 19.
Daily 10am till dusk