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Red, White, & Blue Collection


I've been working super hard on the website lately, adding products.  We have so many new things on the way - many won't be here for several months yet, but in order to keep up, I've got to put them on now.  This is good news for you, because this means you can preorder your favorite country, primitive, and folk art items now!  This means the item is reserved for you, as often we sell out very quickly, and it'll ship immediately upon arrival.  Some things coming are Lori Mitchell figurines, fabulous halloween and fall items from ESC Trading Company, Blossom Bucket, Park Designs, plus Lang calendars and planners.  Most of our Seasons of Cannon Falls order for Christmas has arrived, so that will be going up soon too, for immediate shipping.


But let's not forget summer!  Yesterday I got much of our summertime and 4th of July items by Tag online, ready for immediate shipping!  We carry their Summer Splash, Red White & Blue, Bizzy Bee, and Blueberry Collections, including dishtowels, dip bowls, spreaders, pitchers, napkins, platters, salt & pepper shakers, even paper lanterns!  Click on any photo below to go immediately to the item...







Hope you are all having a lovely week - keep in touch, we love hearing from you!

First Mother's Day


I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!  This was my first.  As I sat in church that morning, I realized that a year ago that very day I was very largely pregnant, as it was the eve of my due date - though Benjamin wasn't born until 8 days later. 


Although I was very uncomfortable, I really enjoyed those last days of my pregnancy very much.   I went on maternity leave early, and as mentioned was over a week late giving birth too - we lived in beautiful Snohomish at the time, and the weather was starting to become beautiful, and all the flowers were blooming.


We in fact spend the first wee hours of labor wandering the gardens of our neighbors, looking out at the river and smelling all the new growth.  I was still early enough on in my labor that this was still possible, and enjoyable.



This was one of the saddest things about moving - we loved the area we lived in, and we loved our neighbors.  It was a storybook place.  Right off first street there is this little cluster of historic homes tucked all together in this cute cul-de-sac, so smooshed together that they share the kind of garden that winds all around their doorsteps, you don't know what is whose. 



It is such a very lovely place - add to that the freshness of early morning spring and the sweetness of the neighbors, and I am blessed to have a beautiful picture of mother's day forever stamped in my memory. 



Our birth was a long and difficult one, but it was so full of special moment and loving people that I will always think of it fondly.  So, technically this was my first mother's day, as Benjamin wasn't quite born yet last year - but in my heart, I think of that as my first time.




Lori Mitchell is here!

Well, almost here.  Sorry we haven't written in so long - we've been busy adding products like mad!  If you haven't been following the website, I'll highlight the new things on the blog throughout the week.  One of the most exciting things is that the ESC Trading Company catalogue has finally arrived!  We have the order in, and it is due to arrive this summer, hopefully in July.  Our Lori Mitchell goes fast every year, so reserve yours today! 

Below is a just sampling...this year, we also have wonderful works by David Harmon of Folk Art By David, Dan DiPaolo, Deborah Graham, Sharon Andrews, and more!

A lot of what we're adding these days is fall...I can't hardly wait, I'm so excited....

7/9/08 UPDATE:  Ok folks, it has actually arrived!  We have about 20 boxes sitting in our freight room, just waiting to be opened and ooohed and aaahed over!  So, pretty soon, the preorder on our site will go away, and all this adorable Lori Mitchell will be available for immediate shipment!


Jack Spratt

Sweet Pea

Halloween Heights

Dinky Dinosaur

Autumn Splendor Mugs
Captain Kidd

Primitive Jack-o-Lantern