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WPW - Soy Candles!


The Weed Patch now carries its own line of 100% Soy Candles! Soy burns cleaner, longer, and is better the environment because soy is a natural, renewable resource, and supports America's farmers. Our soy candles are individually hand-poured, use cotton wicks, and come in votives, enamel jars, and enamel mugs (which are reusable!).  NO lead wicks, NO dyes, and NO soot or harmful vapors!
And the best part is that they smell really REALLY good – every fragrance we have smelled so far has been absolutely delicious! Choose from Birthday Cake, Macintosh, Fresh Country Pear, Spiced Orange, and lots more!

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter!  Hope you all had a truly fabulous time with family, friends, food, and fun.  Benjamin is a bit young yet for easter egg interest, but he loved the service at our church - so many people to look at, so many interesting sounds.  And he had his first Easter basket.  He loved the tissue as much as the stuffed bunny.


Dinner was a great success.  I made six different things, and five were new recipes.  See our food blog, Recipes For Love, for the recipes and links.  The highlight by far was the Lemon Meringue Cake.  Yum!


Sadly most of the day was drizzly with rain, but today was simply gorgeous.  There is something sweet about having Easter right at the official start of spring - its so fitting, you know?  A celebration of new life in both cases.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  As for the Weed Patch news, we mailed our newsletter out last week, so be watching your mailbox.  We've got a recipe, coupons, new product information, and a craft project - if you'd like to sign up for the newsletter, just email me at and I'll sign you right up.

Have a great week!

Fun Stuff for Easter

Hi folks. There’s still some great Easter stuff left at The Weed Patch. Here’s just a small sampling of the kind of goodies available at our store. It changes by season, so although Easter is almost upon us, there are plenty of items for every upcoming holiday you can think of.

Robin’s Egg Wreath

Cracked Egg Taper Holder

Dots and Stripes Egg Cups

Polka Dot Spreaders

Charlie Chicken and Penelopeep

Cottontail Guest Towels

Cottontail Placemat

Ceramic Cracked Edd Candles

Baby Chick Trio

There is much more available. To shop online go to The Weed Patch

Grilled Chicken Pasta with Garlic Cream


This recipe is why I like to keep a little carton of cream on hand in the fridge.  This recipe comes together quite quickly, about 30 minutes.  Grilled chicken nestles atop a simple bowtie pasta with spinach and mushrooms, tossed in a simple sauce made with cream broth, garlic, and herbs.  You may used canned or dried mushrooms, and frozen spinach rather than fresh would also work fine - just be sure to adjust the amounts, because fresh spinach cooks down to a smaller amount.

Click here to view the recipe!

Strawberry Shortcake


I sure wish this blog title meant I was sharing a recipe for Strawberry Shortcake.  Because that would mean that I had actually made strawberry shortcake tonight, and that I would have eaten it.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  We've got a little ways to go before that, though - for the most part I buy produce only when it is in season, so it isn't quite time for strawberries.  I can't wait!

No, the Strawberry Shortcake is referring to the latest flavor of Cake Candles we just got in at The Weed Patch.  I'm not overly fond of pink, and I was sure this candle fragrance would be way too sweet and cloying, but on the contrary.  It smells really really good.  Like, I want to eat it, good.  And it just glows.  Really, it has got to be one of the prettiest to burn.

It is really late, so that's all I'll share for tonight.  We made a really tasty pasta salad for dinner tonight, I'll share the recipe tomorrow.  I got it out of Cooking Light, and just tweaked it a bit.  Yum!

Nighty night...