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November 2006

A New Product, and an INCREDIBLE opportunity!

We've introduced a new product to The Weed Patch (we're now Independent Distributors!) that we're very excited about, even though it's a deviation from our normal product lines. I'm proud to introduce you to a product that has made an amazing difference in Chris' life - and in Barb's, Betty's, Marcia's, Kelli's . . . the list goes on to include just about every gal at The Patch! The product? It's called Mona Vie, and it's an elegant health supplement that actually TASTES GOOD! The crown jewel of Mona Vie is the acai berry; harvested in the Amazon, the acai berry is LOADED with antioxidants, protein, phytonutrients.... Mona Vie's proprietary blend includes the acai and 19 other fruits; the "Active" formula also contains glucosamine and estrified fatty acids, which help with joint problems. Barb has lost 9lbs in one month, and her knees have improved to the point that she can walk up the stairs without pain. Betty's back is feeling better. Kelli - who could hardly walk up the stairs - literally spent all day Saturday running up and down the stairs (and Kelli has signed up as an Independent Distributor!). We're excited about Mona Vie, because it actually works - it's absolutely amazing stuff.

Each week that goes by, Mona Vie makes an even more noticable difference in our lives. From a health standpoint, Mona Vie balances our bodies by providing the necessary antioxidants, phytonutrients, and (in the case of the Active Blend) glucosamine and estrified fatty acids which help maintain, build, and lubricate our joints. Mona Vie is not a miracle cure; that said, the results of everyone that has taken it faithfully are absolutely incredible, and the longer they're on it, the better it is.

From a business standpoint, Mona Vie is also incredible. In fact, we're SO excited about Mona Vie that we've set up a website dedicated to it. This site is part of the Mona Vie, and has a wealth of information about Mona Vie. It also has some fantastic videos and radio interviews that will tell you more about both the product and the company.

We are so confident that as an Independent Distributor you will see your health improve, and that you can make some extra income for the holiday season, that we're going to pay the initial signup fee for the first 10 people that come to sign up!

So, if you're interested in tasting Mona Vie, or if you want to get yourself signed up, come by the store during our Holiday Extravaganza on Dec. 7th from 6pm - 8pm for a tasting. If you're interested before that, come by the store and talk to Chris! Don't wait - Mona Vie could change your life!

NEW! Weekly Featured Product by Email!

We've added an interest category to our email mailing list. If you're on our mailing list, you can manage what information you receive from us at any time by simply clicking the link in one of our mailings. We currently offer "Newsletter", "Events & Activities", and "Featured Products."

Our new Featured Product email comes out once a week (Wednesdays) and features a product in the store and one in our online storefront. Sometimes (not always, but sometimes...) there's even a coupon included for one of the featured products!

You can join our mailing list simply by putting your email address in the box in our top bar, and click Subscribe!

Santa Arrival Weekend!

This coming weekend, December 2 & 3, is the annual Santa arrival and tree lighting at Country Village. There will be caroling and train rides throughout the weekend. Pony rides from noon to 4:00 pm, weather permitting. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Santa arrives in his sleigh from the sky at 7:00 pm Saturday only followed by a traditional tree lighting. Enjoy thousands of twinkling lights and beautiful lit displays featuring the giant sea serpent in the pond, fiddling pig, trumpeting angels, animated train, dragon fly, and more! Complimentary hot roasted chestnuts beginning at 4:00 pm Saturday 'til they last. Call (425) 483-2250 for more information. (as found on

Truly, this is a weekend not to be missed! Great shopping, activities for the family, and tons of fun! Come see us at The Patch, and bring the family!

HopeLink Wrap Up!

THANK YOU, everyone who came out this past weekend to support our Giving Thanks HopeLink Benefit Event! The total raised between the participating shops was $1500 and two boxes of food! That's AMAZING!
The Weed Patch would also like to thank the following shops for their participation in the event:

HopeLink Fundraiser Update!

UPDATE: It's 2PM on Sunday, and The Weed Patch has now raised $1016.47 for HopeLink! Hopefully this evening I'll have numbers from the other participating shops, so keep your eyes peeled here!
Well, it's 2:15pm on Saturday and the store is packed! There's people wandering all over Country Village, so we're hoping that everyone is doing spectacularly in raising money and food donations for HopeLink.
Currently, between Friday & Saturday, The Weed Patch (alone) has raised $681.60 for HopeLink (and that's not even counting the cash donation box sitting on the counter!) Come in and do your Christmas shopping, and let's see if we can hit $1500! Bring your food donations and put them in the bin outside, too!
As a side note, all our Thanksgiving is 25% off during our event this weekend, so come and get it while it lasts!
Keep your eyes peeled here for more updates at the end of the day, and throughout the day tomorrow. We'll also post the total here of ALL the participating shops early next week, once we have tallied everything.
Thanks for your help, on behalf of The Weed Patch, Country Village, and HopeLink! (

Giving Thanks Benefit Weekend :: HopeLink

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Nov. 17 - 19) we, along with several other shops here at Country Village, are hosting a benefit fundraiser for HopeLink, a local non-profit agency ( We have donation stations set up for food, gifts, and school supplies, as well as two locations for monetary donations. There's information at The Weed Patch on HopeLink, for those of you who would like to know more about HopeLink and what they do.
Come in to The Weed Patch this weekend, and help us raise money for HopeLink! We're giving 10% of the total weekend sales to HopeLink; Town Hall Antique Mall is also donating 10% of their total sales, and Peanut Butter & Lily (formerly Fancy Frocks) is donating 5%. Chapter's Photography is donating all session sitting fees for this entire week; Pacific Nights is donating $1 for every Victorian Jar Candle sold; you can donate school supplies and gifts at The Whitehouse Antiques & Candy Shoppe.
So come, bring friends and family, and help raise some money for families that need a helping hand!

The Holiday Open House was a SUCCESS!

Thanks to everyone who came in to the store this past weekend for the Holiday Open House here at Country Village. We had a lot of fun, even though the store was so packed you couldn't walk through it!
For those of you who didn't make it in, the store has been coverted over to Christmas, and HOLY COW does it look good! I would encourage you to plan on coming in this Friday (17th) / Saturday (18th) / Sunday (19th) to see the store! If you're looking for Christmas stuff, we've got what you want - and it's going fast! Some of it we can't get again, so don't wait to come in if you're looking for something specific. Also, this weekend is our Giving Thanks Hopelink Benefit Event - come shop, and we'll give 10% of the total weekend (Fri - Sun) sales to HopeLink! There's several other shops participating, too - so come on down to The Village this next weekend!

Annual Holiday Open House

The Country Village Annual Holiday Open House is THIS WEEKEND! Come enjoy the Black Belt Magician's Street Magic from 1 - 4:30 on Saturday, Erin & Josh's Christmas Carols throughout the day on Saturday, hot roasted chestnuts provided by Country Village, and SO much more! The place is decked out for Christmas, and the shops are in the holiday spirit!
Saturday November 11: 10am - 8pm (Village-wide)
Sunday November 12: 11am - 5pm (The Patch - 10am - 6pm)


That's right - Christmas has arrived at The Patch! We're putting the final touches on our Christmas displays, and boy-oh-boy - you've NEVER seen The Patch look like THIS before! We've got glitter, houses, stars, angels, santa, snowmen, gingerbread, sports, vintage, Victorian, more snowmen, animals, and ... yeah, I'm probably forgetting something! Come spend a few hours browsing through The Patch, and get into the holiday spirit!